“I’m only going to do this if we can win, and I’m going to run to win, and I know that is will be an uphill battle against Dean Heller and his billionaire backers. I’m going to do this by combining Democrats and grassroots support.”

When Bobby Mahendra first floated the idea of running for Senate back in October 2016, many people in Nevada responded with, “Who?”.  And on top of it, the national Democratic committees gave the priority in 2018 to protect the 10 party incumbents who represent states Trump carried in 2016. To complicate matters, it is hard to overstate how unknown this Democrat was in Nevada back in 2016. Back in October, many Democratic official in the state probably never heard of him.

Now, fast forward to today and we can see the world has changed. Bobby Mahendra has gone to many events throughout the communities and build up his campaign. He is from Las Vegas and has faith and trust in people. But traditionally, the best way to build name recognition has been through television advertising, and a statewide TV advertisement is at least $1 million a week. Bobby is using social media to build and communicate with his grassroots supporters. He has corralled over 29,000 Facebook supporters at his campaign page and his goal is 50,000 by the end of the year.

Dean Heller begins the race with $3.2 million in campaign money. And at the slightest sign of trouble his billionaire backers the Koch brothers and other establishment organizations will line up with millions of dollars to back him up.

“Nationally, Democrats have no appetite at this point to spend serious money,” said Bobby Mahendra “but I have something that Dean Heller does not have… I have you and you and you. People are powerful and if we all hold our ground we can beat Heller.” Team Bobby is one of the most advanced campaigns when it comes to social media and is using Facebook as a mean to broadcast events and campaign updates. Bobby’s numbers are building up and day after day he is reducing the gap between Dean Heller and him. If more people are stepping up contributing he will become a serious contender with good chances to beat Dean Heller.