Bobby Mahendra for US Senate

Official campaign site for Bobby Mahendra, the 2018 Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate Nevada.

Getting to Know Bobby Mahendra

Bobby Mahendra is a certified public accountant has announced he is running for the U.S. Senate from Nevada.
The 42-year-old New York native, who was raised in Houston, Texas, before moving to his current home in Las Vegas, considers himself non-establishment, fiscally conservative and socially liberal.
Bobby Mahendra is focused on a number of issues in his campaign. Chief among them is the economy, which he has laid out in a two-prong effort: “Grow America” and “Grow Nevada.” Through those two projects, he promises citizens new jobs within six years.
Within the Grow America project are four subsets, including the drive to keep American companies in the U.S., having a debt-free country, helping reduce personal and corporate taxes, and protecting Medicare and Social Security.
Grow Nevada promises to invite businesses with no state income tax, low property tax and no sales tax on phone and Web orders. Mahendra also vows to improve education by raising teachers’ salaries. Additionally, he hopes to invite new residents through no state income tax, low property tax, no sales tax on phone and Web orders, and lower car registration fees. Finally, Mahendra was a major supporter to legalize marijuana in the state to increase state income and tourism.
Other hot topics Mahendra is making key points of his campaign include a tough and fair immigration policy, which he believes can be a 10-year path. Among other points he is pursuing include what he deems the “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness,” touching on several “freedoms” including freedom to choose (pro-choice), to pray, to marry and to have firearms.
According to his campaign page, Mahendra touts he is receiving no special interest, no super PACs and has no corporation funding.
According to a Press Trust report, Mahendra said he is the front-runner for the seat because of his social media grassroots campaign.
“I am a well-liked politician in the state of Nevada. One of my main goals is to help get dirty money out of politics,” Mahendra said in the PTI report. “I always wanted to be able to give back to the community through service to country.”