Officer Who Arrested Utah Nurse In Viral Video Is Now Under Criminal Investigation

“I was alarmed by what I saw in the video.” The nurse was completely within protocol, and the law and even the other police officers did nothing to stop him.

Source: HuffPost

The police officer seen in a viral video arresting a nurse in Salt Lake City is now under criminal investigation, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill ordered a criminal investigation Friday into the actions of Detective Jeff Payne who aggressively arrested nurse Alex Wubbels on July 26 for refusing to draw blood from a severely injured patient.

Payne has been placed on administrative leave, The Associated Press reported. The Salt Lake City Police Department also said Friday that two of its employees have been placed on administrative leave while the investigation is underway. It is unclear if Payne is one of the employees mentioned in the agency’s statement.

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Wealth Inequality a Vital Problem

Americans Agree With Bobby

Despite Republicans claiming the opposite, Bobby Mahendra’s view “A nation can not prosper when so few have so much while so many have so little.” are supported by mainstream public opinion. Americans are broadly concerned about inequality and wealth.

Wealth should be addressed by a tax increase for the top income, only 3% increase should address the most urgent issues. Many Americans feel that they can no longer get ahead and have a fair opportunity to advance. Moreover, to get ahead is a luxury for those at the top.

Bobby wants to raise taxes on people earning salaries above $10 million, lower taxes drastically for lower income individuals and capping the income of executive’s at large corporations by a margin that depends on the lowest income paid.

Help us win and chip in.

Dean Heller, Republican, Wants Medicare Phase Out

Terrible things are about to happen if this continues. Many Nevadans will not survive once Medicare is gone. I do not understand what our seniors and disabled did wrong that the Republican’s do not care if they live or die. I do not think they have thought about how this affects all of us. One attack with cancer and they will lose everything. Why does the Republican party hate everyone that’s not rich?
#Bobby4Senate #USSENATE #Nevada

To beat Dean Heller, Bobby Mahendra plans to combine Democrats and grassroots

“I’m only going to do this if we can win, and I’m going to run to win, and I know that is will be an uphill battle against Dean Heller and his billionaire backers. I’m going to do this by combining Democrats and grassroots support.”

When Bobby Mahendra first floated the idea of running for Senate back in October 2016, many people in Nevada responded with, “Who?”.  And on top of it, the national Democratic committees gave the priority in 2018 to protect the 10 party incumbents who represent states Trump carried in 2016. To complicate matters, it is hard to overstate how unknown this Democrat was in Nevada back in 2016. Back in October, many Democratic official in the state probably never heard of him.

Now, fast forward to today and we can see the world has changed. Bobby Mahendra has gone to many events throughout the communities and build up his campaign. He is from Las Vegas and has faith and trust in people. But traditionally, the best way to build name recognition has been through television advertising, and a statewide TV advertisement is at least $1 million a week. Bobby is using social media to build and communicate with his grassroots supporters. He has corralled over 29,000 Facebook supporters at his campaign page and his goal is 50,000 by the end of the year.

Dean Heller begins the race with $3.2 million in campaign money. And at the slightest sign of trouble his billionaire backers the Koch brothers and other establishment organizations will line up with millions of dollars to back him up.

“Nationally, Democrats have no appetite at this point to spend serious money,” said Bobby Mahendra “but I have something that Dean Heller does not have… I have you and you and you. People are powerful and if we all hold our ground we can beat Heller.” Team Bobby is one of the most advanced campaigns when it comes to social media and is using Facebook as a mean to broadcast events and campaign updates. Bobby’s numbers are building up and day after day he is reducing the gap between Dean Heller and him. If more people are stepping up contributing he will become a serious contender with good chances to beat Dean Heller.

Bobby Mahendra Picks Up Steam Among Democrats

Just a few months ago, we were told that running for the US Senate office was “crazy,” “radical,” “unthinkable,” “unrealistic,” “pie-in-the-sky.” We were told “You’ve got to think smaller and pick a local position.” But a grassroots movement of thousands of workers throughout Nevada thinks different and doesn’t take “no” for an answer.

Meet up with Bobby at the NV State Democratic Party Central Committee, Reno on June 24. See event:

Loudly and clearly Bobby’s grassroots supporters tell the American people: “We cannot accept career politicians who fill up their pockets first and don’t work for the people. We have got to stop elections bought out by big money.”

Bobby Mahendra’s campaign as the Democratic U.S. Senator candidate is build on a progressive platform – and it is accomplished by regular people organizing and creating grassroots momentum. His political position for the people is real, and when we come together, we can make the change that Nevada needs.

Bobby’s chances, that another seat flips from GOP to Democratic, is increasing! In post after post, event after event, Nevada Democrats are demonstrating that we have momentum as we stand up for our values and fight back against Dean Heller. While Dean Heller was busy to sell out Nevadans and prevent citizens from having needed health insurance, Bobby’s Democrats were building a strong grassroots organization to get out the vote.

“We will continue to work to harness the energy and activism we have seen since early 2017 and turn it into votes. There comes a time when we hear a call and we know we need to come together. Come together as one, it’s time to lend a hand to make a change. We can’t go on pretending election after election, that someone somewhere will make a change. We are that change, we are the ones who give democracy back to the people. So, let’s start building and join our campaign. There’s a choice each one of us need to make. Do we want to hope for a better life or vote for one by electing Bobby and get Dean Heller out of office? Send your vote and your support so Dean Heller know that someone cares. And we all must lend a helping hand and make this grassroots movement stronger. We are that change.”

The grassroots momentum and support for Bobby in this race shows that Nevadans recognize the clear choice – that Bobby is the candidate who will lead better choices in Washington, unlike Republican U.S. Senator Dean Heller who watches out for himself and his billionaires backers. The steady increase in donors contributing low-dollar amounts will enable our campaign to keep growing and strengthening as we get closer to Election Day. This election is going to come down to who Nevadans trust the most to get things done for them in Washington, and integrity for the people is something that Dean Heller doesn’t posses and unfortunately for Dean Heller, that’s not something the Koch Brothers can buy.

Get involved and join our campaign.

Grassroots Contribution

GOP Replacement Health Bill Is Boosting Bobby Mahendra’s Campaign

The GOP replacement health bill has accomplished that voters unite against Republican US Senators up for re-election in 2018. Bobby Mahendra, the Democratic US Senate candidate is gaining points against Dean Heller, the Republican US Senator.

heller 3

Republican Sen. Dean Heller, who announced his re-election bid for U.S. Senate in December, fared worse with Nevada voters. Twenty-nine percent of voters gave Heller positive ratings, while 40 percent were negative and 31 percent said they didn’t know or weren’t sure.

Only five percent of voters polled thought Heller was doing an “excellent” job, while 24 percent characterized his performance as “good,” 26 percent graded him as “only fair,” and 14 percent called his performance “poor.”

It’s no secret that the American Health Care Act is unpopular. In recent national polls, only about 29 percent of Americans support the bill. It is the most unpopular piece of major legislation Congress has considered in decades — even more unloved than TARP (“the bailout”), and much more unpopular than the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

Will Republican senators vote yes on a bill this unpopular? To hang on to their jobs, senators have to keep only voters in their own states happy, not the whole nation. Perhaps red-state senators, or even some senators in swing states, might think their states are friendlier to the bill than the nation as a whole.

Our research indicates that is not the case. To get a sense of support by state, we combined recent polls to estimate support for the A.H.C.A. in every senator’s home state. Our estimates indicate that not one state favors it.

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Gunman opened fire on Republican members of Congress

POWER OF PRAYER: Earlier today, Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Bobby Mahendra pledged that we all come together, to pray for the Republican House and Senate politicians after hearing about the horrific shooting. Please join us!

Gunman opens fire at Republican ballgame, House leader shot

Gunman opened fire on Republican members of Congress. A gunman opened fire on Republican members of Congress during a baseball practice near Washington, wounding several people including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, police and witnesses said. The suspect has been taken into custody.


Bobby Mahendra want to put young people to work

Bobby Mahendra, the Democratic U.S. Senator candidate, is addressing a crisis no politician want to get involved: youth unemployment.

What is essential for a better future is an advanced job training program that focuses on young men and women after high school and college; a training program that would employ millions of Americans between the ages up to 25.

The advanced job training program would provide students with training on multiple jobs and at the same time provide real job experiences. It would allow giving millions of young people a unique opportunity while at the same time offer job training and skills. Federal and state funds, backed up by Nevada legalized Marijuana taxations, would be used as grants for local companies that demonstrate that they can do effective job training.

Youth unemployment is on the rise, and if this trend continues, we will have a failing economy and youth without hope. We can’t remain silent and disregard the crisis of youth unemployment. We are speaking about building a better future for generations to come. Let’s start directing our focus on our youth. We must make certain to provide a valuable future for young people in Nevada and all over this nation. A future with the opportunity to earn a paycheck. A future that provides the stepping stone to make it into the middle class.


Will Puerto Rico become 51st. State?

I will always support expanding America’s borders. Puerto Rico will become the next Hawaii. Many from the mainland will move to Puerto Rico for retirement and for tourism. Resorts will start popping up, land value will increase, etc. Let’s hope we can get another major naval base in as well.

“United Shades of America With W. Kamau Bell” explores the complex history of Puerto Rico and its relationship with the United States at 10p ET/PT Sunday on CNN.

(CNN)Puerto Rico could become the 51st state — what do you really know about it?

When outsiders think of Puerto Rico, a couple of things probably come to mind: It’s a small island in the Caribbean. People mostly speak Spanish there. It’s not a US state but has American ties. They were the Sharks in “West Side Story.” (Wait, maybe they were the Jets?) But there’s so much more to know.
For starters, the Stars and Stripes might need an upgrade soon: Citizens of Puerto Rico vote Sunday on whether the US commonwealth should become a state.
Some Puerto Ricans are raring to cozy up with America to jump-start a flagging economy; meanwhile, plenty of residents would just as soon maintain the status quo, and others would